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My Catz Nanny specializes in in-home care for your cats and small dogs, allowing your baby the comfort and safety of his or her own environment and being cared for as if you were home yourself.

Fresh Food & Water

Be it wet or dry, your cat will get fresh food and a newly poured dish of water. The nanny will also pay close attention to the amount your cat eats on a daily basis.

Litter Box Cleaning

The litter box will be scooped clean everyday and the resulting trash taken out of the house and placed into your outdoor garbage container.

Grooming & Playtime

Your cat can look forward to being the center of attention with both grooming and serious playtime. Your baby will recieve their very own toy.

Helpful Tasks

If you would like, the Nanny can bring in the mail & newspaper, water plants, adjust blinds, turn on /off lights, radio, and/or tv, trash collection.

A Wellness Report

As an added bonus, a wellness report and photos of your cat will be texted to you daily so you will be able to see how much fun they're having. It's amazing how much this little extra service can ease your mind as a pet parent while you're away.


There are three pricing options depending upon your catz personality and your desire for a shorter or longer visit from the Nanny.

1/2 Hour Visit

  • Most cat owners choose this option. It gives the Nanny plenty of time to do the chores and most importantly, play, play, play!

1 Hour Visit

  • This option is available for those who'd like the Nanny to double the time she spends during her visit. More time equals more fun!

Shy Cat Visit

  • Missing from this option is play time. If your cat is shy and would rather not play with the Cat Nanny, then this is your best choice.


  • An additional $5 charge will be added to visits on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Day, New Years Eve & Day.


  • Trip to vet within 15 miles
  • Insulin Administration
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Supply Run

  • Text or email your list before you leave town and the Nanny will make a run for you. Your final bill will include reimbursement for supplies.


Meet the Nanny

Hi there, I'm Becky. I grew up in the Midwest with 7 brothers, 2 sisters, plus several cats & dogs. I've always had a deep love for pets. My mom used to say " Do you have to kiss every dog & cat you see? I'd say yes ma'am, I do. I can't imagine going a day without hugging a sweet furry friend!. I've been pet sitting for 14 years. I love cats so much that I used to design cat quilt and doll patterns.

My goal as your pet nanny is to love & care for your pets as though they were my own. I love pampering them and making sure that they feel like they're on the purrrfect vacation too! I've had clients tell me that their cats will come and rub their chins against the phone if they have me on the speaker. Lol! I mostly pet sit cats but also care for little dogs now & then.

I love big dogs too and, in fact, I have a sweet 130lb. Saint Bernard named Nanah...I sometimes call her Nanabelle. We rescued her in November, 2017, 5 months after losing our dear Akita, Sachi. I will never forget singing Earth Angel to my sweet Sachi. We missed her dearly but knew that she would want us to give a loving home to another pet. We tried fostering Nanah but of course we fell in love and couldn't imagine a day without her in our lives.

I have excellent references upon request and I'm bonded & insured with Pet Sitters Associates. I look forward to caring for your fur family while you're away. I will send pictures and daily updates on how your pets are doing. Thank you for choosing My Catz Nanny for your pet sitting needs.

~ Hugs & Purrs!,

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Becky Ariura



Serving the cities of Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Foothill Ranch, Ladera Ranch, Portolla Hills, Los Flores, Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Laguna Woods.